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How We Will Handle Your Case

Your Case is Important to Us!

We know that your legal problem is of great importance to you. We recognize that importance by giving it the special attention it deserves. We recognize your right to expect excellence when you hire a lawyer.

We Promise to….

  • Provide high-quality, cost-efficient legal services
  • Perform those services as quickly as possible
  • Keep you informed by promptly returning your calls/e-mails
  • Promptly provide you with documents produced in your case

Some Other Things You Need to Know…

We begin by meeting with you to find out about your problem and specific concerns, and then devise the best course of action to help you.

Your case will be handled primarily by an experienced attorney, not by a secretary or paralegal.

Our goal at all times is to serve your best interests, and we take that into account above any other considerations.

We honor your confidences. Information you provide is not discussed with others without your permission.

We stress the prevention of legal problems through advance planning. Examples of this include wills and trusts, business and real estate agreements, and general advice.

How We Set Our Fees…

We know cost is important to you.

Our fees are based upon the type of case:

  • Fees for many cases are set on an hourly basis. Fees are kept as low as reasonably possible consistent with giving you the good representation you deserve. In some cases a set fee can be arranged for a specific legal matter.
  • If we represent you on an injury or disability claim, we normally do so on a percentage basis. This means you will not owe any fees unless we obtain a recovery for you. There is no initial consultation charge for injury and disability cases.

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