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From the Desk of Jim Carfagno

….Thoughts I would like to share with you about the practice of law and on choosing a lawyer….

jimI want to share with you some thoughts on the practice of law, and on how to choose a lawyer. These thoughts are based upon my many years of experience as a lawyer.

The Practice of Law

Law is an art, rather than an exact science. The situation of each of my clients is unique. Many factors must be considered in predicting the best course of action for each person. A great deal of judgment is involved. There are good reasons why attorneys are sometimes referred to as counselors.

A good lawyer must be loyal to his client. He must know how to present his client’s cause strongly before judge and jury, and be well prepared in doing so. He must have common sense. He must be able to anticipate future events. He must be able to tell a client when, and when not, to pursue a case. He must be able to think quickly on his feet. He must have integrity. Such human factors remain the most important ingredients in the making of a good lawyer.

How to Choose a Lawyer

Don’t select a lawyer based on the size of his yellow page ad, the polish of his web site, seeing him in TV ads, because your friend knows him, or even because he is a “good guy”. The real questions you want to ask and have answered are:

“How much experience does the lawyer have in the area for which I need help?”

“How much success has the lawyer had in the area for which I need help?” “Can he provide references?”

“How much time will the lawyer spend on my case himself? Will he spend the time needed to develop and effectively present my case, or mainly ignore it and/or delegate it to an assistant?”

“Will I be regularly updated on developments in my case, and my phone calls/e-mails promptly returned?”

Try to get a sense of whether the lawyer is really listening to you, cares about you, and will be dedicated to helping you. Do trust your instincts.

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